I am anxiously awaiting our baby and as most of you know, am officially on leave. Despite my best intentions, I was unable to work all the way up to when the baby comes, as standing for long periods of time became extremely uncomfortable. While I'm unavailable, the talented Dawn Heath opened up her schedule and is working out of the office. You can schedule with her online.

Now for the big news...Sam was just offered the job of a lifetime to create a junior Nordic development program in Seattle: Momentum Northwest. I am really excited about the opportunity for him to use his vast skiing knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to build an amazing program. Of course the flip side is that we will need to be in Seattle and will head west in July.

In the coming weeks I will determine exactly what this means for Methow Massage Therapy. Rest assured, I plan to come back to work in the Methow for several days a month, at least for a few months, to see clients. I will also be building a massage practice in Seattle, so if you spend time there, please let me know. I will send updates as the plan progresses.

It is because of all of you that I have such a thriving, fulfilling practice. When I moved to the valley, I could only dream that I'd build the practice I can now proudly say I have. I deeply appreciate your support in the past years and moving forward, as we start this new, exciting chapter in our lives.

I hope to see you out and about with our little one, when s/he decides to join the party.